CENTRUM Católica Graduate Business School

CENTRUM Católica Graduate Business School, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP), is pleased to announce the 13th year of completion of its management education services in the international education sector in conjunction with a Global Summit on Doing Business across the Continents to be held from 25 to 27 February 2015 at CENTRUM Católica Graduate Business School, Lima, Peru. A set of selected papers will be reviewed for publication in JCC: The Business and Economics Research Journal or in the form of an edited book.

Global Summit on Doing Business across the Continents

It is possible to do business anywhere. What is difficult is to keep pace with the constantly changing global business landscape. Successful global business partnerships depend on the adoption of a global perspective over the business world. In this regard, it is of vital importance to count with the necessary knowledge to properly build on international trade relations, analyzing the opportunities and challenges within the world´s markets. The Global Summit will discuss how to foster a prosperous business environment among various countries worldwide. The Global Summit will emphasize topics related to the opportunities to do business in various international markets, taking into account, among others, the cultural diversity, the different types of risks involved, the importance of economic diplomacy.

The speakers are ambassadors from various countries, academicians, young researchers, practitioners, and entrepreneurs.


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